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Three Roommates You’ll Find In College

Whether its from your parents, family, or your teachers, I’m sure you’re familiar with the saying, “college is the best time of your life, enjoy every second of it”. It’s a common phrase, and they are probably reminiscing about their own experience. To be fair, you will probably have a awesome time because you have the chance to really grow into the person you want to be (and do all the crazy things you’ve ever wanted to do) . But with that said, college comes with a lot of baggage, and one of the things that will give you major stress will be your roommate. Unlike your classes that change every semester, you have that same roommate for the entire year (unless one of you moves out).

There are three general types of roommates you”ll encounter during your time in college: The Perfect Roommate, The Worst Roommate, and The Person You Coexist With.

1. The Perfect Roommate

Everyone wants The Perfect Roommate, but unfortunately they are a bit hard to find. The Perfect Roommate is someone you can easily become friends with because you have similar personalities, interests, and is easy to talk to. You guys probably hit it off as soon as you finished moving in, or maybe you were friends before moving in together. They respect your boundaries, and let you know when something (guests, all nighters, etc.) might inconvenience you. Once you get settled into your room, you’ll know you have The Perfect Roommate when you get into your routine, so don’t take this roommate for granted!

2. The Worst Roommate

When you hear stories about bad experiences in college, they usually include The Worst Roommate. I admit, it is hilarious to hear about the latest thing The Worst Roommate had done, but it’s not as funny when you  have to live with them (and I know from personal experience). These roommates are the one’s who don’t clean up after themselves, wake you up in the middle of the night for various reasons, talk way too loud on the phone, and bring randoms back to the room without letting you know. It almost seems as if they go out of their way to irritate you. If you have “The Worst Roommate”, you might want to consider moving in with someone else.

3. The Person You Coexist With

This actually happens more often than not. You have a roommate who isn’t your friend but isn’t someone you completely hate living with. When you have The Person You Coexist With as a roommate, you probably won’t talk much outside of business that concerns you room. You guys might have some disagreements here and there, but overall they respect your space and you respect yours. The problem is that you have to find a way to communicate with them, which is sometimes hard to do because they are not your friend. But, you do have to establish that common ground (and stick with it) if you want to peacefully live with your roommate. If your roommate is The Person You Coexist With, and you wish you had The Perfect Roommate, move into that open space down the hall with your friend. Otherwise, you can try separating your room (if you are in a dorm) into two separate sides so that you can continue to respect their space while they respect yours.

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