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What Not To Do In College

College is all about growing as a person both intellectually and socially. You will come across so many people, all from different walks of life, and gain experiences that will only happen in college.With that said, TheCollegeHackers put together a short video of the Top 5 things that you do not want to do while you are in college.

#1 Don’t Be Reckless With Your Money

Being a ‘broke college student’ is no joke, and it definitely sucks when your friends want to go out and you cant because you need the money to pay for important things like rent, food, etc. The fact of the matter is that money doesn’t last long so hold on to it for the things you really need. Our advice is to create a budget, and as ridiculous as that sounds, your budget is everything!

A good place to start is the website so you can start to track what you spend your money on, and your bank account. This website (and app) will actually create a visual budget  for you based on how much you spend on necessities like rent, groceries, textbooks, etc. Once you see your budget, you can figure out how much money you actually have to spend on ‘fun’ things.

#2 Don’t Try To ‘Fit’ In

College is one of the only opportunities you have to start fresh, and really be yourself. There are so many people that are like you so why be someone you’re not, when you can make true friends? Plus, the friends that you do make will have so much more appreciation for your friendship if you are completely honest with them, as well as yourself.

#3 Do Not Take A Shower Without Shower Shoes

This one truly took me by surprise when I got to college, and still does! Some people actually take their showers without shower shoes! I have no idea what goes through their minds, but no matter how clean the bathroom looks, it is STILL dirty! There have been so many people that have used the shower before you, and you have no idea what goes on between the time you decided to take a shower, and the time you actually stepped under the water. Keep in mind that not everyone uses the shower to actually shower and if you want that on your feet, be my guest. For everyone else wear shower shoes, please!

#4 Don’t Be Lazy

This should be a given, but not everyone knows this. As enjoyable as college is, you are not there to go to parties every weekend or to experiment with who knows what! It is hard to hear, but you are in college to get a deeper knowledge about whatever you want to spend the rest of your life doing. Partying is fun, but it won’t be there for you when you need a job. If you get the grades to stay in college, you can continue to party. If you are on academic probation every semester and are on the verge of flunking out of college, you might want to take a breather and refocus on school. Think about it this way, if you continue to make the grades to stay in college you can continue to go to parties. But if you have to drop out of college, I’m guessing you’re going to have to face reality a lot sooner than you want.

#5 Don’t Be A Gross Roommate

Please don’t let this be you. The truth is, most roommates are not best friends and from personal experience, it sucks to have a sloppy roommate. If you want minimal conflict with your roommate, take out the trash, don’t leave your T.V. on all night, use your headphones, and pick your clothes up off the floor! This is almost a guaranteed way to surviving the year with your roommate, or at least limit the passive-aggressive arguments. If all else fails, move out and live with someone who can at least respect your boundaries.


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